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stunning ideas for small windows

Transform a small window into a mini work of art with Frosted Window Film.

People often tell us they are too scared to tackle a big window with window film because they are worried about the film getting crinkled; they become frustrated with the sticky back film sticking to them - or to itself; or being left with 'bubbles' and ending up with a botched result.  Well, we guarantee this won't happen with Brume Window Film, if you follow our clear instructions / video.

So this month why not give it a try on a small window and see how easy it is?  The most suitable windows will probably be on the landing, in the cloakroom or bathroom, and you can improve the look of these areas with Frosted Window Film as well as your expertise!

It's amazing what a difference a well-chosen design or perhaps an injection of colour can make to an ordinary window, at very little expense.  One of the many advantages of using Frosted Window Film is not only is it easy to install, its translucent quality lets in the natural light.  A shaft of coloured light streaming through a landing window can transform an otherwise dull area, as the light changes throughout the day and evening.

You can turn a plain window into a focal point with one of our many Decorative Frosted Window Film designs, create a theme in the bathroom or cloakroom, or choose a colour or design that echoes the surrounding decor.  Frosted Window Film gives you creative freedom on a small scale while you get your 'eye' in and gain confidence.

Botanical designs are very 'on trend' this year with butterfly, beetle, dragonfly and cactus designs among the top favourites.  A strip of coloured film in the small panels is very effective, and our Coloured Stained Glass Film comes in many jewel colours and panel size trim. The beauty of Coloured Transparent Window Film is that it has the sophisticated look of traditional stained glass without the associated high costs and installation problems.

The porthole is a stylish design that would look great in a bathroom and could be used with a turquoise or blue Transparent Coloured Film for an even more nautical feel. You could then pick up the colour in toning towels and accessories.  A lovely bi-product of cut-out designs is the shadow from the shape that appears on a wall or floor.

The adaptability of our Frosted Window Film means the same principles apply to panel/s on an interior glass door, glass fronted cupboards, or a skylight,

Once you've got the hang of installing Frosted Window Film you can graduate to bigger projects and explore our wide range of inspiring designs.