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  • How do I order?

    You can order online and pay securely. You can also order by phone Monday to Friday, 9-5. Payment by credit and debit cards only. Phone: 01364 73090.

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Window film by the metre will be dispatched within 2 working days. Made to Measure window film is dispatched within 2-5 working days. Our couriers in the UK are Royal Mail and DHL . Overseas couriers may vary according to country.

  • Do you deliver anywhere in the world?

     We ship to anywhere. Shipping costs will be added at the checkout.

    Shipping costs are normally -

    Mainland UK £6.95.

    Europe £15.95 but you may be liable for extra duties of handling charges.

    Rest of World normally £25.95 but this may vary and you may be liable for extra duties of handling charges

  • What are your delivery charges?

    UK Mainland: £6.95 Europe: £15.95 Rest of World: £25.95

    You may incur a higher charge if you request an express service. N.B. Overseas deliveries - You may incur extra duties and handling fees in your country.

  • Where can I use window film ?

    Any window, providing it is glass, not Perspex, and the surface is flat, smooth and clean.

  • Can I see out through Brume window film ?

    The plain frosted film and the frosted decorative film give total privacy - you cannot see out and no-one can see in.

    If you like the plain frosted film but would prefer to see out, you can have a wide range of contemporary designs cut into the film so that you are able to peep out. See our made to measure window film.

    The clear decorative and transparent film gives semi-privacy. You can see through the transparent and clear decorative film but not as clearly as clear glass.

  • Are your products easy to fit?

    As long as you follow our instructions you will achieve a professional finish. If you are using a tradesman please make sure they also read our instructions. Not all window films are applied in the same way.


  • How do I maintain window film ?

    Just use a damp, lint-free cloth, avoiding any abrasive materials.

  • How do I remove window film ?

    Our window film is a semi-permanent product and has a strong adhesive backing. In order to remove it you will need to warm up the surface with a fan heater, a hairdryer or a sponge soaked in warm water. Do not use extreme heat. Lift off a corner and peel off the film from the shortest edge. Any film or glue left on the glass can be removed with a scraper and WD40. Finally clean the glass with methylated spirit and your glass will be back to clear glass.

    To see a video on how to remove window film CLICK HERE

  • What's the difference between Silver Etch and White Frosted film?

    Silver etch and White frosted films both give completely privacy - i.e. you can't see through from either side.

    The Silver Etch is a denser film and as such gives a greater level of privacy so is more suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms.

    The White Frosted film gives complete privacy during the day but there may some loss of privacy after dark when there is a light on inside the property.

  • What are Pilkington obscurity levels?

    Planning authorities might ask for windows to be obscured to a certain Pilkington obscurity level and sometimes specify from 1 - 5.

    These levels are set by Pilkington and only apply to their own glass designs.

    We are able to comfirm that all of our plain frosted films offer privacy well in excess of level 5.

    Other films vary so please get in touch if you would like further advice.

  • Can your films be used on Perspex?

    Our films are designed for use on smooth flat glass. They can be used on Perspex but problems can occur with new Perspex. After manufacture Perpex will 'off gas' for a few months. This means that small amounts of gas are lost and if the film is then applied to the surface, the gas can be trapped and form small bubbles.

  • Can I visit Brume's premises?

    You are welcome to visit our premises for advice, to discuss your requirements or to collect your website order.

    We are open from 9-5, Monday - Friday.

    Please note that we will not be able to produce made to measure designs whilst you wait.

  • Can window films be used out of doors?

    All of our films are suitable for use out of doors. Different films have different guarantees so if you would like further information please get in touch.

  • Do you have a fitting service?

    We don't offer a fitting service, our films are supplied at a size that is suitable for DIY fitting.

    We are however able to recommend fitters in some areas.