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It’s time to go whimsical with window film, with designs inspired by nature, including bees, butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies.
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Single Bee Made to measure

Single Bee

Butterfly Made to measure


Butterfly Line Made to measure

Butterfly Line

Busy Bees Made to measure

Busy Bees

Insect Trio Made to measure

Insect Trio

Dragonfly Made to measure


Beehive Made to measure


Dove of Peace Made to measure

Dove of Peace

Flock of Butterflies Made to measure

Flock of Butterflies

Lobster Made to measure


Octopus Made to measure


Elephant Made to measure


Cactus Made to measure


Beetle Made to measure


Star Horse Made to measure

Star Horse

Sausage Dog Made to measure

Sausage Dog

Ferns Made to measure


Bee Line Made to measure

Bee Line

Piggy Made to measure


Hen & Chicks Made to measure

Hen & Chicks

Busy Birds Made to measure

Busy Birds

Goose Made to measure


It’s time to go whimsical with window film, with designs inspired by nature, including bees, butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies .

It's a well known fact that the natural world is the ideal antidote to our high tech lives.  A few minutes away from our smart phones or tablets enjoying the peace and beauty of nature is very beneficial to both our physical and mental well being, so it makes sense to bring the natural world into our homes.  And with the current interiors trend in all things botanical it couldn't be more topical.

But botanical style is not just about bringing plants into the home, it celebrates a host of patterns and designs inspired by nature. At Brume we have a good selection of botanical designs, and did you know, that Brume Window film could also help with the care of your precious plants, by allowing plenty of light through a window while taking out some intensity of the direct sunlight.

Two year’s ago we introduced our best selling bee design inspired by the Manchester based TV programme, “Cold Feet “, and it has now become a symbol of Manchester (the worker bee). 

Since then the botanical trend has gained momentum in interior accessories and actual plant life, so we've added lots more bugs, butterflies and beetles in various configurations, as well as plant designs, to our Frosted Window Film ranges.

Whether you look out over a garden or green space or want to incorporate a natural look into an urban environment, Frosted & Decorative Window Film gives you the opportunity to create the vista of your choice.  The busy bees or butterfly designs are very fashionable right now and can be adapted to your visual needs - the all over bee design gives lots of visibility, while the butterfly line down the centre of the window provides some visibility.

You can hide an ugly view or, if you just need extra privacy, by choosing a cut-out design in Frosted Window Film, like the stylish fern motif which gives a reasonable view out while retaining privacy, or the versatile insect trio of beetle, butterfly and dragonfly.

For an all over design to hide the exterior but bring nature in, a flock of butterflies is stunning over a bay or big window, or the lovely Meadow, a dainty floral pattern.

Sometimes a single cut-out motif on Frosted Window Film is all that is needed, perhaps on a plain window, internal glass door or partition. Here you can go for a statement design such as the fun cactus, , or the elegant dragonfly.

Bringing nature into the home couldn't be easier with Frosted Window Film.   So make the time to enjoy it, put that smart phone down, take a cup of coffee and sit and enjoy those bugs, bees and butterflies on your window - you'll feel better for it!

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