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5 reasons to use frosted window film on your garden shed

How useful is a garden shed! An invaluable space for storing all sorts of garden equipment, tools, bikes, deckchairs, sun umbrellas etc., it can be an attractive and integral part of any garden with a little help from Brume's Frosted Window Film.

Emerging from the winter we concentrate on preparing the garden, the patio, the house exterior for the summer often forgetting the shed, but our Frosted & Decorative Window Film is an easy, inexpensive way of adding to its usefulness both  visually and practically.

1. Safe Keeping with frosted window film

To start with, it is excellent for keeping prying eyes out and everything stored inside the shed, safe, as its translucent quality is ideal for any window where you need extra privacy and security, without sacrificing the natural light.

This season Botanical themes are popular and very appropriate for outdoor use. We have a wide range of designs for you to choose from including one of our favourites, the busy bee window film, and the perky little bird.  Both are small motifs giving a high level of privacy as well as security.

You can always choose an Opaque Window Film for total privacy if your shed is in a more vulnerable or open position.

2. Hide Eyesores

Privacy works both ways and Frosted Window Film is perfect for hiding all the paraphernalia inside the shed from outside, so no ugly views are on show. Inexpensive and easy to apply, (but do follow our instructions exactly), the advantage of Decorative Window Film is that it can just be removed and replaced with a new film, as you wish.

When choosing a design for privacy use, a motif positioned higher up the window gives maximum coverage as well as an interesting artistic element. The single daisy is a good example.

3. An Instant update

You can refresh the sorry look of Perspex or old glass with Frosted & Decorative Window Film giving the shed an instant update, at very little expense in time or money, with a highly professional finish.

There is no need for the costly business of replacing old glass as, unlike re-glazing or fitting frosted glass in a door or window frame, Window Film can be fitted in situ; it is a modern DIY product that can be applied to any window and door with just a few basic tools.

The natural world is an everlasting source of inspiration for our designs, whether whimsical, exotic, mythical, or domestic. Be creative, have fun picking a design reflecting your and your garden's unique style...

4. Safety First

Another benefit of using Frosted Window Film is its safety quality, so you can worry less about smashed glass as it helps to stop shards from scattering when that wayward football flies too far.   

Our decorative window films give the appearance of stylish etched glass, can be bought by the metre or made-to-measure, are easy to trim to size and apply, and simple to remove if the worst does happen and the window is hit. Then you can invest in a Perspex replacement and apply your chosen Decorative Window Film. At a fraction of the cost of cut glass, you won't be out of pocket.

5.  On Trend

Incorporate a shed in your garden design with the addition of a stylish patterned window, not only will it look beautiful it will also be a talking point too!

Filigree, geometric and intricate designs are a popular alternative to this season's favoured botanical styles. Our extensive range of Decorative Window Film is influenced from far and wide. One of our newest is Fes, a classic Islamic design inspired by a Moorish Palace, it really has the feel of summer about it.

At Brume we are constantly updating our designs to reflect current interior and exterior trends. We work with some of the best architects and designers in the business so we can bring you the latest styles.  We pride ourselves on our wide selection of contemporary, modern, classic, and period designs, but if you cannot find just what you want we do offer a Bespoke Service, which will provide that personalised look you are searching for.