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7 ways to sell your house with frosted window film

When looking to sell your house first impressions are everything, so don't neglect the exterior. That first view of your property can make or break a sale and is the one a potential buyer will remember.  Create the right impression with our Frosted Window Film, it will give a professional finish to any glass panel front door and street view windows, as well as privacy. And increase your home's selling power.

1. Property “kerb appeal” counts

Number Stickers

Whether you live in a town house, a country cottage or a flat, first impressions are all important so ensure the front exterior is as smart as you can make it. Viewed from the road, is the porch or doorway clean and uncluttered? If you live in a flat make sure the entrances are clear and tidy.

A smart front door is a sign of a home that is loved and cherished.  Frosted Window Film can turn an ordinary glass panel front door into something special with a smart number sticker or house sign. Whatever the architectural style of your house, period or modern, we have a design to suit, and if you can't find what you are looking for, our Bespoke Service can create any individual Frosted Glass Film. Just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

2. Privacy works both ways

Privacy Window Film

Privacy is essential from both in and outside your home.  No one likes onlookers, so if you have street facing windows hide buyers' ability to peer into downstairs rooms from the outside with Privacy Window Film. Not only does it give privacy and security, its translucency allows natural light to stream in making the rooms inside feel private but still light and airy.  Choose a plain Opaque Window Film for total privacy or a cut-out design at standing eye level if you would still like to look out of the window.

3. Hide the eye-sores (outside and in)

Window Stickers

If you look out over unsightly views such as a neighbour's car, shed, caravan, etc, then Frosted Window Film is the solution.  Inexpensive and easy to apply it will immediately hide the offending objects, and transform your space.

The same rationale can be used outside your home to hide unattractive views into porches, sheds, or an annexe.  Here you can be more relaxed in your choice of screening and perhaps go for a whimsical Decorative Window Film design or playful Window Stickers.

4. Remove the dated floral glass

Window Film

One of the great advantages of Window Film is that it can easily be replaced and updated, giving you flexibility in both design and function, and making it much cheaper as a long-term solution.  With the current vogue for clean, modern, windows, now is the time to remove dated window patterns and choose something more streamlined.

A sleek linear style or plain window film can transform a room and give it a fresh new look. Updating cushions, re-thinking pictures hung on the walls, and re-arranging the layout, are quick and easy touches that will also rejuvenate an interior.

5. Limit the clutter

Window Film

Not everyone is a fan of Minimalism. Barely furnished rooms and empty surfaces are a certain style of living, but a little de-cluttering in the right place can only be beneficial when your house is open to viewing.

Be objective, start by taking a long, hard look at the room.  Imagine you are seeing it for the first time, it should be a calm, soothing, inviting space, then remove any unnecessary clutter that offends the eye.  (Some minimal households have a large cupboard or small box room in which to store the paraphernalia of every day life, a useful solution if you have the space!)

You can make an instant improvement by hiding window clutter: simplify windows with Window Film, and keep window sills clear.  Perhaps display a single structured plant, or a beautiful objet d'art. Sometimes less is more....

6. Light goes a long way

Frosted Window Film

A room filled with natural light is always inviting. Curtains and blinds can make rooms feel dark and claustrophobic so, where appropriate, use Frosted Window Film instead.  A modern and elegant alternative to fabric - it won't gather dust or need expensive cleaning - it offers privacy without compromising on light as its unique quality and design lets the light pour in.

The style of window will determine your choice of Window Film: e.g. plain window film for street-facing windows, silver-etched film for a realistic etched glass effect, or a themed window with flamingos or stained glass window film.

7. Quickly modernise your kitchen or bathroom

Privacy Window Film

Cluttered kitchen cupboards or an unattractive shower door? Let the contents hide behind Privacy Window Film for an immediate fresh and modern look.  As both are key rooms in the home be creative in your choice of window film.  We have a wide range of quirky, fun, contemporary designs that will update any kitchen or bathroom.

If privacy is needed on a shower door take care when choosing the design cut-out, and if you need to draw attention to the shower door for safety reasons, a row of safety spots or squares are the ideal solution.

At Brume the choices are endless and, applied properly (by keeping to our easy-to-follow instructions), you can't beat the professional result you'll achieve with Frosted Window Film. But we won't lie to you - you do have to follow the instructions or you won't achieve the best results.