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Number Sticker

Number Sticker

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We offer four different typefaces for number stickers that can be used on doors, above the door in the glass transom or even on a wheelie bin.

Please specify in "Special Instructions" if the sticker is to be applied internally to glass but is to be read from the outside or if the sticker is to be stuck onto a wheelie bin or door and to be read the correct way round. The numbers are available in four fonts, three different sizes - 10cm , 20cm or 30cm high and in a choice of colours.

Please specify thespecific number you require (up to four digits) in the "custom text box".

N.B. This is a number only.The price includes one number sticker up to four digits. If you want wording the cost may be higher so please email your request to info@brume.co.uk



We now have a larger choice of custom text in our "House Names,Numbers & Signage Section" .

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Item / Colour Options Price Quantity
10cm Number_Gill Sans £8.00
10cm Number _ Bodoni £8.00
10cm Number_Swiss 721 £8.00
10cm Number_Bembo £8.00
20cm Number_Gill Sans £11.00
20cm Number_Swiss 721 £11.00
20cm Number_Bembo £12.00
20cm Number_Bodoni £12.00
30cm Number_Bembo £18.00
30cm Number_Gill Sans £18.00
30cm Number_Swiss 721 £18.00
30cm Number_Bodoni £18.00

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