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5 new window treatments that could make you happy

Our new Quirky Birds collection is designed to add a a bit cheer to windows where you need privacy with some visibility, such as a child's room, a home office or study, a bathroom or a kitchen. OK, our quirky feathered friends may not be anatomically correct and they might never be seen together in real life but they all exude lots of chirpy characteristics. 

1. Create the perfect window treatment for a child’s room

If your child's room faces the street, window film on the bottom half of the window makes the room seem tidier than a blind pulled down by a child in a skew whiff way or curtains inexpertly drawn. Window film with fun cut-outs also keep your child safe inside while allowing them to see out if needed. As light floods through the windows magical shadows will shine onto the floor and walls. Use everyone of our quirky birds in one window for maximum magic.

2. Make your home office a joyful and efficient place to work 

Our opaque film with stylish cut out designs are used a lot for the many rooms that are now used for home offices. But working from home doesn't need to be too serious. With a quirky bird, you can peek out at the street and know that you and your office equipment or untidy paperwork is hidden from view.  We have lots of ideas for office windows that are cool and stylish, but these birds will keep you connected to nature and remind you to get out into nature once your working hours are over.

3.Create a bathroom sanctuary that could boost your mood

Leafy plants make a stunning addition to any room in the house and are good for your health. If you are a big plant lover you could take things a step further by creating a tropical backdrop with our quirky toucan and cockatoo. Every-time you brush your teeth or take a shower your mood will be boosted. You could even add a Spotify soundtrack of jungle birds and imagine you are in an exotic paradise every day.


 4. Make your kitchen more playful 

Window film is a perfect window treatment for a kitchen window because it's very functional, clean and hygienic and it doesn't need to be boring . 

If you want to add sass and personality to your kitchen what could be more quirky than a flamingo ?  If you then choose a vibrant jewel colour for a feature wall - abracadabra - you have injected energy and style for a very small amount of money.


5.  Have more fun with interior design

Let's face it - we all need cheering up, so let's be a bit more quirky. 

For years, Scandinavian minimalism has reigned in interior design trends for its clean and pared down appeal. Brume window film has complemented this clean and airy trend, letting in maximum light in an understated way. For 20 years we have excelled at "less is more" but times change and some of our customers are much more, "more is more". So always happy to oblige, we have designed the quirky bird collection and embraced cheerful eclecticism. So don't be afraid to experiment, mix it up and combine different interior details to make your home a happy place.

We are constantly updating our designs to reflect current interior and exterior trends. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of contemporary, modern, classic, and period designs, but if you cannot find just what you are looking for, we do offer a Bespoke Service, which will provide that personalised look you are searching for. Contact us if you'd like to discuss your ideas.