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Avoid future wheelie bin chaos!

After three named storms on the trot you might have found your wheelie bin went "walkies" and if yours didn't have your house name or number on it you may have struggled to find it again. Unfortunately - it looks like we can expect more extreme weather in the future. If you live in a city, you may have to park your bin at the front of your house taking away the beauty of the architecture. Hastily daubed signs let you keep tabs on your bin but do nothing to enhance the look of your property and off the shelf economy stickers do the trick but look a bit underwhelming and soon wear away. Brume takes things up a few notches by producing bespoke wheelie bin stickers in a font to suit the style of your house and match the lovely transom number stickers that  they produce.

Brume stickers are more expensive than the basic ones you can buy because they are made from superior quality marine vinyl (the type used on boats, yachts and inter city trains) so you know they'll withstand all weathers and even the clumsiest refuse collector. So, ‘DON’T SPOIL THE SHIP FOR A HA’P’ORTH OF TAR'  and invest in a set of Brume wheelie bin stickers for your bins and avoid future wheelie bin chaos and give your bin the attention to detail that you lavish on the rest of your home.


If you can't see one that suits your style, we are happy to make one to your own design or preferred font. Contact us.