Customise, Customise, Customise!

Customise, Customise, Customise!

It's now possible for you to decorate your home in ways that are completely personal to you and at Brume we've got you covered with our fully bespoke wall and window stickers.

A new world is upon us. Although most people have yet to fully appreciate this fact, it is a fact nonetheless. Some parts are obvious - we have mobile phones and tablets, and laptops and Digiboxes and all the rest of it - but there are things that are possible now that have simply never been possible before in all of recorded history. What are these things?

Well, at Brume we are proud to say that we are 100% onboard with this bright new future. Thanks to our revolutionary products and services, it is now possible for you to decorate your home in ways that are completely personal to you.

As anyone who has worked in a trade like cleaning or decorating will tell you, a great many people's homes may be situated in different places, but when you get inside they are carbon copies of one another.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Ikea's bestsellers can be found in such mindless profusion that you would be forgiven for not thinking we are a nation of individuals, with a history of world-class innovations in thought, styles, science and technology. Of course, Ikea makes quality furniture affordable, but how do you make it so that your home isn't just like everyone else's?

And if you are a business owner, how do you make sure your business premises is a stimulating and interesting environment?

The key word is 'customisation'. This is perhaps the most interesting thing that online shopping has brought to us. If you can think of it, you can probably find it on the internet. At Brume, we take this a step further and offer a fully bespoke service using our versatile product - wall and window stickers.


Getting Personal has Never Been Easier

When it comes to decorating your home, we are your one stop shop to give every room in your house a special touch that makes it just yours - and at ridiculously affordable prices.

Whether you are interested in opaque sheeting for decorating windows or increasing privacy, or in black or brightly coloured wall stickers, at Brume we've got you covered. Instead of making your child's bedroom into a carbon-copy of everyone else's but yet not having to pay through the nose for an expensive mural painter, you can engage our services at Brume to create a unique set of silhouette designs. How about a cool skateboarder catching some 'wicked air'?

How about a silhouette of your favourite rock guitarist in the middle of a face-melting solo?

If that's not your kind of thing, then remember you can have words or phrases too. Chinese symbols are a perennial favourite, and these can be especially useful if you are interested in Feng Shui, the oriental 'science' of environmental psychology.

Do you have an inner flower-child? Have you still got a sot-spot for the 1960s? What about some lyrics from your favourite country song or a Sanskrit symbol for enlightenment?


Your Choices are Endless!

The whole point is that the possibilities are endless. This is the thing that the internet has made possible, and not everyone has quite cottoned on to how amazing this is just yet. Take a trip into your nearest city and you will find that there are plenty of cutting-edge businesses that are putting these things to use already. Window and wall stickers are everywhere because they allow us to customise our environment.

Get on board! The beauty of it is, that even if you have a design made and you find you want to change it again, no problem - it's only a sticker.

Get something new. In this way, you can use you walls and windows as a way to document your own journey through life. How about some amber window film to give your house a warm glow through the winter months? You can switch it out for some cool blue in the summer. Changing things around keeps us young and keeps us interesting.


Take advantage of this and make the changes you want to, now!

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