Making the Most of Natural Light with Decorative Window Film

Making the Most of Natural Light with Decorative Window Film

Increase your privacy whilst still allowing that precious natural light to flood in with decorative window film. Personalise your windows with the perfect design for you. 

Spring is in the air at last! Each day the sun is up for a little longer and we all get some relief from getting a little extra vitamin D in our systems from the increased natural light. As anyone who has had to spend any time working in an office with no outside windows will tell you, natural light makes a real difference to your day, even if it's a little cloudy. Sometimes though, we may find ourself compromised by the positioning of our outside windows. How?

Well, for many of us, privacy in the home goes hand in hand with feeling content and relaxed. Ground floor windows that perhaps look straight out on to the street or pavement can make us feel a little like goldfish in a bowl, with every passer-by able to gawk at us as they stroll past. Not only that, net curtains are something people tend to associate with the older generation and are not the best choice for a modern home. What are we to do?


Decorative Window Film

At Brume we are delighted to present the solution to this dilemma. There is no need to draw the curtains or have old-fashioned nets any longer. With decorative window film, it's possible to increase your privacy whilst still allowing that precious natural light to flood in. What's more, with a wide choice of designs available, you can really personalise your windows.

Here we present two of our favourite and most popular designs so that you can start thinking about what's right for you.


Coloured Window Film

This is perhaps the most exciting product we have when it comes to decorative window film. How come? One word.


They are literally endless. Our coloured film comes in a choice of nine colours, from apple green to rich amber, to peacock-style turquoise blue. In particular if you are looking to enhance a window that receives a lot of direct sunlight this may be the choice for you. It's like being able to install beautiful stained glass into your home.

There is a science of colour and how it can affect mood, and this is something you could think about when making a choice. Do you have a cold-feeling room that you would like to bring a glow to? How about some amber and red and orange chase out those chills?

The ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui can often help if you are stuck for ideas - since each direction of the compass has it's own colour scheme. If you have a North-facing window, perhaps a cooler look with blues and turquoise will be more appropriate.


Seaside Designs

A perennial design favourite for bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms, the seaside design helps guests immediately recognise a bathroom, and also allows you to have decorative designs in-keeping with a seaside theme of shells and driftwood which are ever popular in bathrooms.

Of course, privacy is more important in these rooms than anywhere else in the house, and our decorative films can ensure that, whilst still allowing in that all-important natural light.

So there you have it. Of course, at Brume we have a range that encompasses intricate filigree designs to make it look like your windows have been brushed by Jack Frost, to simple and elegant repeating patterns that would suit a more neutral setting like an office or workspace.


Just think about what you need, and see if you can find it in our range. Enjoy!

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