The Endless Possibilities of Chalkboards!

The Endless Possibilities of Chalkboards!

Chalkboards are an incredibly affordable way to hugely increase the creative aspect of your life. Check out our blackboard stickers if you are stuck for ideas and get scribbling!

Chalk is possibly the oldest and most widely used writing material in the history of mankind. Modern chalk tends to be a mixture of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate. This the stuff with which countless theories have been proved and disproved on the giant blackboards in the great halls of learning. Students through the ages have either peered curiously up at a large blackboard, or leaned studiously over one in the time before paper was a wide-spread commodity.


We feel that the modern home, office, shop or bar is simply incomplete without a chalkboard of some kind. Whether it's to write up daily specials for the menu, advertise promotional items, keep track of what things must be on the list for the next big shop, or just display a thought for the day or a joke, the humble blackboard is without peer.


At Brume we have developed a range of wall-stickers that serve as perfect chalkboards for any occasion or situation. They are so good for simply jotting down a few ideas, or for making a note of something funny or interesting that someone says. Of course, if you happen to be a mathematician, they are a great place to have your favourite equation up where everyone can see it.


Get Creative Every Day

The real beauty of blackboards is that you can clean them off and start again, if you wish! Your message or quote or doodle can stay up there for as long as you want, or you can make a point of putting a new "thought for the day" up every single day to give everyone in your house, office or premises something to think about while they are having their days. The bottom line is that life is just so much more enjoyable the more of a creative spin you can put on it; the more you get involved!


Chalkboards are an incredibly affordable way to hugely increase the creative aspect of your life. If you have aspirations to really go places in life, your blackboard is a place where you can really make things happen. It can be so easy to be distracted from what you really want in life by the vicissitudes of the modern world. Every day there are more things clamouring for you attention, and not all of them are pleasant or useful to contemplate. Not to mention the fact that you can't do anything about them.


Customise Your Environment

Customising your environment so that it is a safe haven from the endless barrage of information in the outside world is one of the most important things for you to do, whether you are running a successful family household, coffee shop or small business. Small businesses need to focus on the tasks in hand, coffee shops need to offer a feeling of comfort and security, and households want to be happy, productive and fun.


Blackboards can really help you do any of these things, and the fact that at Brume we can make yours to whatever specification you like, means that you can get one for literally any environment. You can even have one cut to an unusual shape if your walls are already taken up by furniture units or the like. If you have a family, how about asking the children what shape they would like, and put one nice and low down that is for their personal use?


At Brume we specialise in helping you tailor your environment so that it is just right for you. Check out our blackboard stickers if you are stuck for ideas. We're sure you'll find something you like. And get scribbling!

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