Why a Beautiful Bedroom Doesn't Have to Cost The Earth

Why a Beautiful Bedroom Doesn't Have to Cost The Earth

Discover how clever design ideas can bring the right feel to your room without breaking the bank.

Creating a bedroom that is beautiful and tranquil is not a luxury that only other people can afford. In fact, having a peaceful and calming bedroom is amongst the most important things you can do for your overall well-being.

Not only that, the whole process can be fun. What does your ideal bedroom look like? Perhaps you are thinking of a light, airy affair with a balcony looking over the azure waters of a tropical ocean. Perhaps perfection for you is a bedroom on a mezzanine floor over a loft apartment in downtown Manhattan, or a cosy little downstairs room in a thatched cottage on England's south-coast.

Get your ideas together, let your imagination run wild. Alright, you may not have the beach-front palace by the Pacific, but clever design ideas can bring that feel to your room without breaking the bank.

Let's start with the basics. Have a look at our tips for creating a bedroom you love.


1. Throw Out Rubbish.

The key question here is "Do you really need all this stuff?". A simple, clutter-free life starts in your bedroom. Get rid of old clothes, go through the stuff on top of the wardrobes. Bite the bullet and clear everything out from under the bed and give it a good hoover.


2. Don't Keep Things In Your Bedroom if They Can Be Kept Elsewhere

Does everything that you are keeping in your bedroom really live there? Things have a habit of accumulating. Don't let your sanctuary become choked with the detritus of the rest of your family or from your work life.


3. Get Rid of Anything That Doesn't Make You Feel Calm and Relaxed

Marie Kondo, world-renowned expert in de-cluttering and tidying your way to happiness, suggests we always ask "Does it spark joy?" when considering what things we have around us. If the answer is no - it's time for it to go.


4. Get Some Artwork

Get yourself posters or prints of the things you love to see, or would love to see one day. You never know what can happen, and keeping yourself reminded of your dreams is a good step towards getting them.


5. Try Replacing Old Net Curtains With Opaque Window Film

The age of net curtains has come and gone. They have served their purpose, and now a better solution has arrived. Opaque plastic film makes a much more attractive alternative. It comes in a range of patterns too.

Now you can make your bedroom private without shutting out any natural light, and certainly with no fiddly nets. Your bedroom can be your sanctuary, and with the right design, you could be anywhere!


6. Decorate Your Walls With Calm and Inspiring Words

One of the hardest things in life is to remember what's important so we can put those things into practice day to day. More and more people are turning to words and quotes as a kind of informative decorative feature.

Do you have a favourite quote that you would love to be reminded of regularly? Check out our decorative wall stickers for ideas.

As you can see, a beautiful bedroom doesn't have to cost the earth... So what are you waiting for?

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