How Increased Privacy Can Make Your Home Safer

How Increased Privacy Can Make Your Home Safer

Brume have an affordable and easy solution for your home privacy issues - find out more here. 

According to an article published in 2004 in the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, 'privacy' refers to your ability to determine how 'open' or 'closed' you are to the world. And the important point is the extent to which you can control this.

Many of us live in highly urbanised environments, whether this is because of the need to be close to our place of work, or good schools, or because of our social lives. Space is at a premium, and so too is privacy. In densely populated urban areas, windows often face directly onto a busy street, or rear windows are overlooked by surrounding housing.

Psychologists have discovered that the more you feel your privacy is threatened, the more territorial you will feel about your home or living space. This may result in arguments between neighbours over boundary lines, dividing walls and fences or parking spaces. On the plus side, this territoriality can be manifested positively by taking time to personalise your environment and putting your own stamp on it.

Highly urbanised areas have higher crime rates, since a great deal of material wealth is concentrated in a relatively small area. Nowadays it's likely that there are expensive items like televisions, smart-phones and laptops in most homes, which can equate to hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of goods.

If you feel that your privacy is compromised in any way, it can create feelings of anxiety that are difficult to deal with. However, increasing your privacy doesn't have to cost the earth. You don't have to live behind steel doors or give it all up and move to the country. The key course of action is to take steps to ensure it is difficult for passers-by and would be thieves to see into your home.

If the contents of your home are less visible, any opportunist thieves are far less likely to take a chance on a smash and grab job because they don't know that it would be worth it. Increased privacy also means that your comings and goings are less visible, so it will be harder for thieves to know whether you're in or not. It will also be harder for anyone to tell if you have alarm systems or animals that could scupper their chances. In short, less visibility increases the safety of your home ten-fold.

An easy solution for any privacy issues

The specialised opaque film that we sell at Brume is an affordable and easy solution for any privacy issues, and one that is a far cry from the old-fashioned net curtains or Venetian blinds. The film attaches easily to your windows and forms an immediate barrier to possible prying eyes while still letting in all the natural light.

Not only that, you can use this protective film to put a unique creative stamp on your home by having a design of your choice cut into the film. This means you can increase the privacy and safety of your home in a way that suits you and your style, so your home not only feels safe, it feels beautifully yours too.

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