7 Wonderful Ways to Brighten up Your Child's Bedroom

7 Wonderful Ways to Brighten up Your Child's Bedroom

Decorating your child’s bedroom gives you the perfect opportunity to unleash your imagination. The interior design scheme can be as big, bold and bright as you dare – the key is to evoke a sense of fun. Getting creative (and getting in touch with your inner child!) can help you to put together an inspiring, joyful room that your son or daughter will love.

Involving your child in the design process can make it even more enjoyable and rewarding. Discussing ideas and picking colours, furnishings and furniture together will help you to ensure that the room reflects your child’s personality. If you’ll be painting the walls or furniture, look for paints that are free from toxins and allergens. When deciding on the layout, consider the different activities for which the space will be used. Children’s bedrooms are as much for playing and learning as they are for sleeping in, after all!

Transform the Room with a Theme

It’s worth choosing a theme for the room (for example, the seaside or exotic birds), as this will help you to create a coherent, unified interior design scheme. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find photos online of some amazing themed kids’ rooms – living spaces that have been transformed into circuses, treehouses, spaceships and more!

But if your ideas – and budget – are more down to earth, you’ll find there are plenty of simple, affordable ways to make your child’s room special. At Brume, we love making décor exciting and have lots of children’s wall stickers – there’s something to suit every taste.

Here are seven of our favourite ways to brighten up children’s rooms.

1. Funky Beanbags

An easy way to add splashes of colour to a child’s bedroom is with funky beanbags. You can buy kids’ novelty beanbags made to look like flowers, lions, parrots and more! Alternatively, opt for a traditional shape that you can sew a new cover for when the room is next updated.

2. Blackboard Stickers

For a fun, mess-free alternative to blackboard paint, try our blackboard wall stickers. There’s a wide range of designs available, from a speech bubble to a detailed safari scene. Now your child can write and draw on the walls without spoiling your paintwork or wallpaper!

3. Educational Rugs

Children need plenty of floor space when playing, and you can make the floor in your child’s bedroom comfortable with the help of a statement rug. Rugs designed for kids often feature brightly coloured letters and numbers, helping them to learn as they play.

4. Novelty Lights

Why settle for run-of-the mill lampshades when you can have lights shaped like stars or owls, say, instead? There are numerous novelty children’s lights for sale.

Light switches don’t need to be dull either – our light switch stickers can turn yours into happy faces!

5. Homemade Artwork

Make your child the star of the show by displaying his/her artwork. Look for open-sided frames without glass: they make it easy to change pictures frequently and can accommodate collages. Your child’s latest masterpiece will always be on display!

6. Window Film

To cheer up the windows while helping to reduce fading, try our window film. There’s a huge selection to choose from. The charming Little Bird is one of our favourites.

7. Name Sticker

The perfect finishing touch for your child’s room must surely be a custom-made name sticker. Why not put our flowery lettering or star lettering on the walls or door?


With these tips, you can create a room that’ll put a smile on your child’s face – and yours too!

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