Geometric Prints: 2016's Hottest Interior Design Trend

Geometric Prints: 2016's Hottest Interior Design Trend

Geometric design has the power to transform real homes. Be on-trend and also capture the timeless appeal of smooth lines and sophisticated prints.

If you love looking at home décor magazines as much as we do, you’ll have spotted plenty of geometric prints recently – in fact, they’re top of the list of interior design trends for 2016.

Yes, now it really is hip to be square!

The beauty of geometric design is that it doesn’t just look fabulous on the pages of a glossy magazine; it also has the power to transform real homes. Once you’ve gone geometric, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this style staple.


Getting to Grips with the Geometric Trend

What do we actually mean when we describe a print as ‘geometric’?

Geometric prints feature abstract patterns composed of straight lines, angles and curves, as well as a variety of shapes. They’re often reminiscent of natural forms such as honeycomb. The clean, crisp patterns are perfectly suited to today’s homes.<

Geometric design is remarkably beautiful; the repetition and subtle variations visible in the patterns are not only mesmerising but pleasantly stimulating too.

Some designers take this trend further by creating geometric furniture, such as eye-catchingly angular chairs. But geometric prints have wider appeal, not least because you can make as bold or subtle a style statement as you like with them.


From Ancient Cultures to Contemporary Homes

Although geometric design can look ultra-modern, especially in a minimalist living space, it’s been in existence almost as long as civilisation itself. Geometric prints from ancient cultures have been found decorating everything from pottery to places of worship.

Geometric design has also inspired stunning works of modern abstract art, perhaps most notably Piet Mondrian’s inventive explorations of grids and squares.


Abstract Prints are Amazingly Versatile

One of the major benefits of geometric prints is that, thanks to the fact they’re abstract, they’re incredibly versatile. You can decorate any room of your home with them without worrying they’ll look out of place, which isn’t always the case with non-abstract prints.

By combining a few simple elements (for example, triangles, squares and curves), it’s possible to create detailed patterns that capture people’s attention without looking ‘fussy’.

Another advantage of embracing geometric style is that the patterns can easily be scaled up or down, which means they can cover areas of any size and appear as large or small as you wish.

Judicious use of geometric prints adds visual interest to any interior design scheme, not to mention a sense of order and elegance. For best results, aim to strike a pleasing balance between plain and patterned surfaces, as well as angular and curved features.


Bring Geometric Style Home

If you fancy bringing some geometric style into your home, there are a fantastic range of options to choose from, including artworks, rugs, cushions, shelves, tiles, chairs, textured wallpaper and much, much more. You can even buy geometric lampshades!

One of the easiest, most effective ways to enhance your home with geometric design is to customise your windows with decorative film. Here at Brume, many of our decorative window films feature attractive geometric prints, ideal for modern and period properties. Some of our favourites include Fes (an intricate design inspired by a Moorish palace), Khufu (a tribute to Egyptian wall art) and Yoshiko (which embodies classic Japanese style).

With geometric window film, you can increase your privacy, enjoy more control over natural light levels and guard against fading, while also giving your rooms a new lease of life.


On-Trend and Timeless

Going geometric not only ensures that your home’s interior design scheme is on-trend but also that it captures the timeless appeal of smooth lines and sophisticated prints.

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