Summer is on the Way - Is It Time to Shake Things Up?

Summer is on the Way - Is It Time to Shake Things Up?

Create an environment that reflects who you are with the help of bespoke window film or wall stickers, a zany chalkboard or stickers with inspirational quotes.

Summer is on the way, and as we begin to enjoy longer hours of daylight, and growing warmth, we often find that it is time to give our whole house a good clean. The spiders that have crept around during the winter, leaving cobwebs that are just about invisible in artificial light, suddenly have their handiwork showing up quite clearly in the sunlight.

Often the cold nights in conjunction with warm houses means that condensation has built up on our bedroom windows, possibly leading to the beginnings of some mildew on the sill and frames. The time has come to get to grips with this stuff, and get your house all shiny and new-looking for the coming summer.

It's the Perfect Time to Personalise!

It is during times like this that we can find ourselves coming up with new and exciting ideas about how we can personalise our space. Since Christmas is a few months behind us and the summer hols are a way off, suddenly we find our DIY budget can stretch to a few added extras as the season begins in earnest.

Perhaps you are thinking of re-painting a room or two, or even re-arranging things to give yourself more room, or to reorganise for a new project. If so, now's the time to start thinking about what you can do to make your home as close to your perfect space as possible.

At Brume We Know Exactly How You Feel

We have been specialising in producing bespoke window film and wall stickers to help people personalise their living or working space in such a way that they have somewhere truly unique to spend their time.

Perhaps you want to increase your privacy in a downstairs room, or maybe you want to add a splash of colour to an otherwise drab area. Of course, it could be that you want to re-vamp and old spare room and turn it into a vibrant working space where you can take your hobby and turn it into a thriving home business.

Whatever your plans, you will find something to help you along with them at Brume. Having a new kitchen fitted? What modern or even retro kitchen is complete without its blackboard to scrawl your latest grocery list on? At Brume, we have a range of zany blackboard templates you can choose from, and we will even take bespoke orders if you have something really wacky in mind.

If this is the year you want to take your life and career to the next level, why not invest in some stickers with inspirational quotes for your wall above where your desk is? Something like this can act as a timely and regular reminder to keep on keeping on when the going gets tough!

Do you have a sporting event to train up for like a half-marathon or even a triathlon? A good quote from Mohammed Ali in a place where you can see it regularly can work wonders for your motivation - especially useful if your training schedule involves some early starts!

Let 2016 be the year you start taking control of your life, starting with your immediate environment. Remember there is no one quite like you, and if your environment reflects that you'll find it easier to remember, and easier to stay focused and happy as you head towards your dreams.



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