The Knowledge Revolution and Local Businesses

The Knowledge Revolution and Local Businesses

Join the knowledge revolution and make your brand one that people won't forget with high-quality bespoke business signage.

Something incredible is happening in our towns and cities. If you are a regular visitor to your local urban area, you may not notice the change, which is quite gradual. However, it is when you have been away from a place for some time and then come back that you notice what's happening.

Thanks to the knowledge revolution, things are changing more rapidly than ever in recorded history. In this country in particular, we have seen the world of cooking and thus the world of restaurants and eating out, change almost entirely. People who watch and take part in the various cookery programmes we have on have raised the bar for food, especially food that you pay someone else to prepare.

Even if you live in a small town or village, you will surely find that your local restaurant has recently had a complete make-over, and may have been joined in the catering game by a local pub that closed down only to be re-opened as a gastro-pub.


The Rise of the Brand

One key thing that has happened is that companies and businesses, retail premises of any kind, have a strong brand. This brand, and the style of the brand affects all levels of the business. In the case of a restaurant, it might be a place that specialises in local produce. As a result, you will find pictures on the walls that reflect the locality - views from local hills and so on. You will not find a load of standardised tables and chairs. No. You will find the owners have taken the time to select bespoke furniture, possibly from local antique shops.

Businesses must have character nowadays, something that sets them apart from the big chains, but also something that lets people know the owner's take as much care over their brand as the big names do.


The Smallest Things Make the Biggest Differences

Personal touches are the thing. From jokes and inspirational or relevant quotes on the walls and on blackboards with the daily specials, to window stickers with the business logo - you will find that those companies that are moving with the times have taken these novelties and made them their own. The aim is to create a unique and memorable atmosphere. The aim is to make yourself and your business unforgettable.

At Brume, we have been supplying high-quality bespoke signage to businesses of all kinds for many years. If you can stick a sticker on it, we can personalise it for you. We love to make unique designs for our clients, but we also have a range of products like blackboards or silhouette stickers that require no special ordering and are ready to be delivered to you today.

Our personal favourites are often large sequences of window sticker design for a shop or restaurant front. If it's a restaurant, you can use opaque film with a design cut in, to give your customer's a little-added privacy from the street, yet still allow people to see the happy customers inside. Take a browse around our site and see if it gives you any ideas. Feel free to call up and discuss a bespoke design. Join the knowledge revolution and make your brand one that people won't forget.

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