We chat with Instagrammer & interior design enthusiast Donna about her use of frosted window film in her home

We chat with Instagrammer & interior design enthusiast Donna about her use of frosted window film in her home
Interior Design | 29th June 2018

So Donna, tell us a little bit about you and what you enjoy doing?

My name is Donna (Instagram : @love.to.be.home) and I live in Wales. I feel very lucky to live in a beautiful semi rural village down South. We are just 20 mins to both city and beach so our location is perfect for our family. Two years ago I gave up my 15 year career in HR to become a stay at home mum - it’s the best decision I made. I will concentrate on my career when the children are older.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with family and friends and you can often find me in a coffee shop resting my feet after a long day of shopping... there are not many friends who can keep up with me! I love decorating and styling our home. When you see your vision turn into a reality it’s very rewarding... it’s all about turning a house into a home.


Sounds like you’re living the dream! When would you say you first found your interest for interior design?

My interest in interior design first started as a child. I would forever be changing the layout of the furniture in my bedroom, swapping and changing ornaments etc. Anything that would change the look of my room instantly. Since having my own home my interest has grown considerably. I love looking at home magazines, having a peep inside show homes and of course browsing on Insta - that has to be my favourite, you can get so much inspiration.


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Your style must have changed a lot since that young age then… What’s your signature element of style now that you would like to add to every house?

When decorating our home I try to choose items that won’t date too quickly.  My signature style is modern and not too much pattern and I like the calming colours of grey.  Finding the right grey paint can be a challenge as so many of them have an undertone of blue or purple.


Love it. So, where did you first come across frosted window film and Brume?

Window film was suggested to me by a lovely lady on instagram called Charlotte (@thehomethatmademe).  It wasn’t something I had heard of before so decided to research into it and that’s when I came across Brume!


Lucky you! What project have you chosen Brume’s frosted window film for?

I had just decorated my sons bedroom and had one key thing to do before I could say the room was complete.... finding a way of hiding the contents of his wardrobe which has 3 glass doors.  At first I considered hanging fabric but after I researched window film it was the obvious choice. There was so much inspiration on the Brume website.


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Are you happy with the outcome?

I chose the small star design as it was in keeping with the theme of the bedroom and I love the results! I am very happy with the outcome.


Phew… Did you find Brume’s window film easy to work with and would you recommend it to others?

The frosted window film was so easy to work with.  Both my husband and I read the instructions and also watched the demo on YouTube which was very helpful.  I was a little nervous applying the first sheet as I am a perfectionist, but I needn’t had worried as I certainly achieved my vision very easily.  I now walk into my sons bedroom happy with how it looks - it now feels finished.


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That’s great news. What’s your next big interior design project that you’re looking forward to?

My next project is my downstairs cloakroom and I’m excited to get started.  This room was last updated a very long time ago so I know I will enjoy the process of designing and completely changing the look of it.  It’s funny how your style can change so much over time... think black/white, chrome and sparkly tiles then envisage cool calming greys, sophistication and traditional sanitary ware.  It’s a room that the majority of guests use when they visit and also a room where any nosy guests can take their time to look at the finer details as no one is around watching them! I’m hoping my vision turns into reality very soon!


It’s just never ending isn’t it?! Are you planning on anymore projects using frosted window film?

Window film can be used in a multitude of places so no doubt I will use the film again.  It instantly transforms an area or room so it’s a great product to use. One area that springs to mind straight away is the windows on my daughters new outdoor playhouse.  I got this idea from the Brume website. I saw a garden shed with frosted windows and thought I could incorporate that on the playhouse... I’m thinking a design of a large fairy.. One, because my daughter loves fairies and two a large design so my daughter can still see in and out of the window easily.   I can’t wait to start that project, it will be a fun girlie one!


And finally Donna, if you could give one interior design tip to our readers, what would it be?

It’s difficult to give one tip as I have so many! 

My tip when using frosted window film would be... keep spraying the film with soapy water, it makes the application so easy! 

And one tip when designing a room would be ... don’t rush, wait until you have sourced exactly what you are looking for otherwise you may not be happy and may regret your decisions.  I have been guilty of this!!


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Donna, it’s been great chatting to you and hearing how you got on with our frosted window film. Hopefully we’ll get to chat more when you attack that outdoor playhouse and we look forward to seeing your ideas come to life in your downstairs cloakroom (do send us a pic!).


We chat with Instagrammer & interior design enthusiast Donna about her use of frosted window film in her home

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