Use frosted window film on your garden rooms

Use frosted window film on your garden rooms
Interior Design | 20th April 2018

Whether your garden room is a summer house or a home office, now is the time to prepare it for the warm months ahead and treat the windows to a stylish makeover with Brume's Frosted Window Film.

Let The Light In

The benefit of natural light has long been proven: it has a positive effect on our mental well being as well as making us happier people. As living and working in natural daylight is, therefore, generally considered to be better for us make the most of the longer days by fitting our unique Frosted & Decorative Window Film. The modern alternative to curtains and blinds, (it won't gather dust or need expensive cleaning thus very time-saving), its translucent quality allows natural light to stream in so the interior feels light and airy, while still giving you privacy.

With the natural world providing inspiration for interior trends this Spring/Summer our animal, insect and plant designs are the perfect choice for outdoor locations - and you can pick a look that suits you and your garden best. A flock of butterflies, buzzy bees, exotic flamingos, we have nature covered with our wide range of contemporary styles.

A Warm Glow

Among the many advantages of using Frosted Window Film is that it diffuses the sunlight creating a warm, softer glow.  It doesn't compromise on available light and you still have privacy, but it reduces the sun's harsh glare.

The modern solution for any window, Decorative Window Film couldn't be easier to install with our simple-to-follow DIY instructions. It gives a highly professional finish, is inexpensive as it avoids the cost of pricey replacement cut glass, and can be easily removed and replaced if you decide on a fresh look in the future.

For the ultimate warmth from your window, why not try our stained glass window film.

Be Seen - Safety First

Glass doors can be a hazard, so make sure they can be clearly seen with one of our stylish new Frosted Window Film designs.  If it's for a home office, how about some window film signage to make your mark, such as "The Studio" above, while ensuring that those windows are easily seen?

Alternatively you can opt for a 'safer' row of safety spots, squares, or stripes, in silver etch film, for a more linear look.

For a Summer House consider a garden, plant or insect design, such as a line of bees, or insect trio, or one of our favourites, the lovely beehive.

Add Style with Frosted Window Film

You can transform a window or door inside AND out with Frosted Window Film, such is its versatility, and create an instant new look for your Summer House or home office with our inspiring designs.

While one of the new whimsical botanical cut-outs will bring the outdoors in, a decorative screen printed window film such as the classic Islamic design, Fes, inspired by a Moorish palace, gives an air of mystery with its intricate organic pattern.

Use frosted window film on your garden rooms

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