Safety spots in the office and workplace

Safety spots in the office and workplace
Interior Design | 29th June 2018

Make your workplace a safe place with frosted window film safety spots.  Contemporary in design, they are a good solution if you need to draw attention to large glass areas for safety reasons.

Simple and easy to use, they can be installed on any glass, ensuring accidents don't happen and giving peace of mind in the work environment.

Available in silver etch or transparent colours, frosted window film safety spots (and squares) can be used effectively in many locations with big expanses of glass, whether public or private.

  • on glass walls and/or corridors
  • floor to ceiling glass
  • partitions in restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, etc
  • shop windows
  • balconies

The height and style of the glass will determine where the row of decorative safety spots are placed.  Spots and squares are very effective on most areas, but to draw attention to a glass door a wide stripe of plain window film might be a better choice.

The bubble glass stickers are a fun alternative, placed tightly together to create a stripe of bubbles or stuck randomly over an area for increased visibility - your choice!

Beach Hut Safety Stickers

We love our new range of safety spots. Inspired by the natural world it offers a wide choice of stylish summery designs to suit locations with a whimsical, off-beat air.

The safety spots vary in size but a 110cm strip should do a normal glass door in 2 places with approximately  5 stickers per door, top and bottom.

If you can't find an adhesive window film sticker from the frosted window film range to reflect your office or workplace style, there is always our bespoke service where we will design custom "branded" safety spots with your logo.

Safety spots in the office and workplace

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