Frosted window film for businesses

Frosted window film for businesses
Interior Design | 28th June 2018

There are many rules and regulations to be considered when running a business, but one thing is a certainty, presenting the right image is a must.

Often it's those small, but all important details that can make the difference and this is where Brume window film can help.

Health and Safety

Health and safety must always come first for staff, customers and visitors. If you need to draw attention to a large area of glass for safety reasons, a row of decorative safety stickers are an ideal solution.  Versatile and easy to use, these contemporary designs will add style to most business premises, whether it be a modern office block, home office, or a converted country building.

Comply with health and safety regulations by using Brume glass manifestations. Available in silver etch or transparent colour, a row of simple slick dots or squares are stylish and effective on large expanses of glass.

Choose a strip of decorative film dots or squares to highlight the glass, or an opaque frosted film with cut-out design if you want screening plus added detail. A 110cm strip should do a normal glass door in 2 places with approx 5 stickers per door, top and bottom.

Contemporary Signage

Make your business stand out with the right unique signage for your enterprise. Our range of cut vinyl signage can be tailored for your specific business using your own logo or brand, whatever type of business you run. We supply self-fit signage either as coloured adhesive vinyl or frosted window film and pride ourselves on designing whatever signage might be required. We are happy to quote for individual design work and production . To give you an idea of the many styles available here are a few examples.

Create Privacy

You can create privacy where required for meetings and individual offices with opaque window film.  A modern alternative to blinds, our contemporary designs will bring a clean, linear look to the office environment, and are available in varying degrees of opacity, depending on the level of privacy required.

For complete privacy, plain frosted window film without any cut-outs is the answer. For partial privacy or a half-window, go for a modern, graphic design such as frosted & decorative window film ellipse row.  Alternatively, providing privacy with a wide strip of plain frosted film is also effective.


Frosted window film for businesses

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