7 Reasons to Choose Frosted Window Film for House Signs

7 Reasons to Choose Frosted Window Film for House Signs
Interior Design | 5th February 2018

If you feel the exterior of your home is looking 'tired' and needs a boost a new house sign will provide an instant 'lift', and what better product to choose than Frosted Window Film, it's the modern alternative to traditional signs.

1. The DIY Solution for House Signs

The advantage of Frosted Window Film is you can fit it yourself - easily. It's the DIY solution for house signs and can be fitted in situ, on any window or door, with just a few basic tools. Whether using at home, for business premises or even personalising a wheelie bin, we have extended our range of fonts and layouts to bring you the most comprehensive selection of designs to suit any style, contemporary or classic.

You can fit Frosted Window Film in your own time, as and when you want. No messing about waiting for a fitter or handyman. Each order comes with full instructions and the end result is a highly professional finish, as long as you follow the easy instructions exactly.

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2. Cost Effective vs Glass Replacement

Choosing Frosted Window Film for your house sign makes sense as it is inexpensive, whereas the alternative of a full window or transom replacement is costly. It's a versatile product too, and can easily be removed and replaced at a later date giving you flexibility in both design and function, as well as making it much cheaper as a long-term solution.

How reassuring to know that all you need do is select the text or numeral in the typeface of your choice and place an order with Brume, instead of finding a glazier and the resulting expense of a having a new window or transom fitted.

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3. Keep Your Porch Private

If you have a front porch and want it to be private, Frosted Window Film is the solution. Our stylish range of adhesive names and numbers provide privacy and security as the text or numbers, cut out of a panel of silver etch window film, are clearly visible while the film gives protection.

We have many designs to enhance the appearance of your home with fonts suitable for contemporary or traditional settings: elegant numbers like Bembo, a strong Bauhaus-look, Swiss, or fun designs, such as numbers and birds. And if you can't find what you are looking for there is our Bespoke Service.

4. Practical Yet Unobtrusive

A recent survey revealed that the current trend is for homeowners to choose signage in keeping with their property style, whatever its architectural period. A new house sign will give an instant 'lift' to the exterior and Frosted Window Film is not only practical but also unobtrusive as it fits so easily on any window, transom, or glass panel.

House names or numbers cut into frosted film, as used for screening in a porch (see above), create a modern, yet private, look with the finish of expensive etched glass, without sacrificing natural light, while a carefully chosen font will compliment a transom or glass door panel.

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5. Cut To Fit

We aim to make ordering as easy as possible for our customers. As part of our regular service all our house signs are cut to fit any size window, transom or glass panel. We automatically cut the house name to fit the width of the window, or the number 1/3 of the height of the window specified, but if you require a different size for your house sign just let us know.

We also supply self-fit signage for business premises and will advise on the design, colour and style, if necessary. And of course if you cannot find the design you want our Bespoke Service is at hand. "Brume is easy to use and the end result looks really stylish," said satisfied customer and boutique owner, Janice Gordon. "The

Brume design team helped with the typeface and the colour and my husband fitted it without a hitch! We love the sophisticated finish."

6. Vast Choice of Styles

This season we have extended our range of fonts and layouts to offer an even bigger selection of styles to suit your home. We are constantly updating our ranges and work with some of the best designers, architects, and in-house experts in the business, so that we keep up with the latest interior and exterior trends.

Frosted Window Film has many designs to enhance the appearance of your home with fonts suitable for contemporary and traditional tastes. Bembo and Gill Sans are enduringly popular as two of our original designs while we are excited about Salome and Andes among our new styles.

The self-fit signage is supplied either as coloured adhesive vinyl or frosted window film.

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7. Cut Out Designs

It's easy to personalise your house sign or door number from our House Names and Numbers Cut Into Frosted Film or cut-out designs. With over forty styles to choose from in a wide range of fonts (modern, retro, classic), all the numbers and texts are cut out of silver etch window film revealing clear glass.

Plain numbers are everlastingly stylish, such as this elegant retro font, a bold written number might be more suitable, or text, or be creative with a decorative design.

7 Reasons to Choose Frosted Window Film for House Signs

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