6 Reasons Frosted Window Film Is A Smarter Alternative To Privacy Glass

6 Reasons Frosted Window Film Is A Smarter Alternative To Privacy Glass
Interior Design | 5th September 2017

When specifying a new front door or bathroom window you may be offered an expensive textured decorative glass or acid etched glass. However, you can create the same privacy at a fraction of the cost by applying Frosted Window Film to clear glass, resulting in more pounds in your pocket - and a more satisfying, individual, result.

Price isn't the only reason frosted window film is a better alternative to privacy glass though as we're about to explain...

1. Frosted window film is inexpensive and a flexible alternative

Plain Frosted Window Film

If you are looking to hide an ugly or invasive view or just need privacy, window film is the answer. Whereas acid etched glass or specialist decorative privacy glass is expensive and permanent, window film is inexpensive and can easily be changed and updated.

A modern alternative to net curtains or blinds, just like specialist decorative glass we have films with a variety of privacy levels, depending on the window or glass door to be fitted.

Easy application means it is so simple to remove and replace at a later date giving you flexibility in both design and function as well as making it much cheaper as a long-term solution.

2. Simple and effective privacy

Frosted Window Film

Create a cool, understated look by choosing one of our Plain Frosted Window Films. With the finish of expensive etched glass it gives excellent screening without sacrificing natural light, whether it be hi-spec privacy window film for bathrooms or something less opaque for an office or door.

Unlike re-glazing or fitting frosted glass in a door or window frame, window film can be fitted in situ. There’s no need to remove door hinges or worry about transporting glass up and down stairs, window film is a DIY product that can be fitted on any window and door with just a few basic tools.

3. Design flexibility

Frosted Window Glass Door

Where security is a priority make it stylish and personalised with our privacy glass film. While decorative glazing is a permanent, all-over-the-glass glaze, with Brume privacy glass film you can have a "peep hole/clear aperture" cut into the film so you can peek out. Just work out where your standing eye level will be and we'll put the design of your choice in the correct place. This can be a simple shape, something more stylised, or your house name or number.

A small motif gives you the ultimate in privacy combined with security - you can select the degree of privacy you want with different patterns and frostings. Privacy window film can also be easily removed and replaced with a new film, as and when you wish.

4. Instantly update

Decorative Privacy Glass

At Brume we are constantly updating our designs to reflect current interior and exterior trends so we can offer you the latest styles. If you want a very quick decorative effect choose plain or patterned decorate window film that can be bought by the metre and easily trimmed to size.

We have a wide range of styles, from architectural to contemporary, to choose from - for example for an Edwardian door the vintage, more traditional styles that combine with our Stained Glass Window Film are excellent, while Fes, a classic Islamic design inspired by a Moorish Palace, is one of our newest, exciting patterns.

Our service is speedy too - the decision to update can be made over breakfast, frosted window film ordered by lunchtime, delivered the next day and fitted within 48 hours of your bowl of cereal the day before.

5. Affordable bespoke window film designs

Bespoke & Custom Frosted Window Film

Customers are often amazed at the wonderful designs we create. One customer who loved dachshunds spotted the sausage dog design on our site and asked us to combine her house number and two dachshunds for the transom above her front door. She then added an extra touch with this doorknob from Graham & Green.

Imagine how much this would have cost if she had it professionally etched? With our bespoke service you can have an individual design to suit the architectural style of your home. We can match existing windows, if you live in a heritage street, for example, and need to match an original design, we can oblige.

Our designer painstakingly replicated a design for a customer who had to replace some glazing after a burglary. They sent us a photograph of the original door and, hey presto! with the wonders of modern technology we were able to replicate the design to look like the original.

6. Window film is trusted by designers and architects

Patterned Frosted Window Film

You can trust Brume frosted window film! We have gained a reputation for originality, quality and reliable service by working with some of the best designers and architects in the business, and great in-house experts who turn your ideas into reality. Applied properly (by keeping to our easy-to-follow instructions) you can't beat the professional result you'll achieve with frosted window film. But we won't lie to you - you do have to follow the instructions or you won't achieve the best results.

Read our Trust Pilot reviews to see how we bend over backwards to accommodate even the most unusual/innovative of ideas.

6 Reasons Frosted Window Film Is A Smarter Alternative To Privacy Glass

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