5 Ways Frosted Window Film Can Create Soothing Spaces

5 Ways Frosted Window Film Can Create Soothing Spaces
Interior Design | 11th August 2017

Soothing spaces can be the key to a relaxing home but it’s not just calm colours that help to create this feeling of tranquility. Window film combines both style and utility while providing an easy way to revamp an interior with a simple DIY approach.

With the growing pressure for our homes to look the part every time a friend or relative steps through the front door, it’s the first impressions of a room that are so often remembered more than the home baked victoria sponge that you place in front of them. Decorative window film can be used throughout your interior design to make that first impression last while ensuring your humble abode is one of peace, calm and relaxation.

General well-being is an important factor in any home decorating plan, from how the brightly coloured bedroom walls will make you feel as you try to relax with a book to whether the kitchen tiles will be too cold on your feet in the morning. Almost every aspect is considered subconsciously with no second thought, while windows and glass are often left with little to no consideration at all.

This isn’t how it has to be, our collection of frosted window film can become the easy answer to creating soothing spaces and a great sense of wellbeing if you know how… and luckily, we’re here to show you 5 easy ways to use window film for interior design.

1. Clear and de-clutter your windows

Empty sideboards and blank canvas TV rooms aren’t for everyone, but a little de-cluttering in the right place can go a long way without realisation.

Luxurious curtains and contemporary blinds are fabulous in the right window, but in the wrong room they can create clutter, dark spaces and a claustrophobic atmosphere. Window film is an excellent fusion of minimalism and elegant design that can replace (in some cases) the need for other window decorations while saving money and creating a more soothing space.

2. Embrace natural greenery

Plants can be a chore, there’s no hiding from it. Your orchid will rarely look fresh after 10 days on the window sill, even though you’ve followed Alan Titchmarsh’s oldest guidance.

Having plants indoors can not only freshen a room but they’re also proven to boost your mood. With plants on the window sill though they can all too often be burnt in the harsh daytime sunlight (yes, that does happen in the UK!), but protect your cherished mood boosters with window film and enough light is let through to allow your plants to prosper.

3. Let in the sunlight but avoid prying eyes

When is a dark and dreary room ever what you try to achieve when you set out to redecorate? Whether you decide to opt for a trendy steel grey on your walls or a bolder oxford blue, natural light is important in any room as a proven mood booster. On the other hand though, a big window can mean the prying eyes of neighbours and passersby cause the immediate loss of privacy.

Styling your windows with a decorative window film allows the best of both worlds. It not only provides almost full natural light to stream through but its translucency maintains your privacy too.

4. Simple projects make light work

“No job too big or small”. It’s not quite true… the stress of decorating is all too often caused by the size of the task at hand. Knocking down a wall or exposing the original wooden floor in one weekend is set to be an ever evolving project that won’t be finished by Christmas. Attacking small changes to a room however can have a huge effect on rejuvenating your love for spending time in them.

Changing door knobs, moving pictures, rearranging the layout and fitting window film are all examples of DIY interior design you can undertake in less than a day. Adding window film to a room can not only add a modern touch but it will so often make a room feel brand new too, and with only a fraction of the physical exertion that you would use measuring, cutting, sewing and hanging new curtains.

5. Boost colour without paint

Few things can have more of an impact on your mood than the colours that surround you, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for a vibrant orange on the wall behind your sofa. Stained glass window film is a great way of letting colour stream into an otherwise soft and neutral room, giving your lounge, kitchen or dining room the vibrant boost of colour and energy it needs while letting natural light flood in too.

Whether you want to be soothed or energised, day or night, window film is a more subtle way of boosting colour.

5 Ways Frosted Window Film Can Create Soothing Spaces

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